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"...pianist Esther Walker plays it with warmth of tone and lyrical distinction. In her hands, it becomes much more than an exercise; it is living, breathing music, interesting and attractive at the same time. In the brisker fugues, Walker plays with energy and enthusiasm. The “Scherzando” interlude is also played with a deft touch and a nicely bouncing rhythm. The result is a performance of both fascinating construction (the third fugue almost sounds like a modern version of J.S. Bach’s The Art of Fugue) and a strong desire to make the score appealing to the average listener. In this she succeeds brilliantly...This is a great CD that you need to hear if you enjoy modern music.“ 

Lynn René Bayley, The Art Music Lounge,May 25, 2018  ganze Kritik

„...Die  Pianistin  Esther  Walker  präsentiert den „Ludus Tonalis“ in einer äusserst unterhaltsamen, spielerischen Interpretation und vermag hingegen in Hartmanns Sonate die intensiven Emotionen unmittelbar zu transportieren, so dass man als Hörer am Ende des letzten Satzes betroffen zurückbleibt. Sternstunde der Polarität." 

CLASS : aktuell, 2018 / Nr. 2

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